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DGIT is the information and digital technology services team in the UCLA Health Sciences community. We collaborate with the hospital's IT team, Information Services and Solutions (ISS), to provide a wide range of expertise in new and emerging technologies and deliver a dynamic portfolio of services and capabilities throughout UCLA Health Sciences.

As a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds and skills, we thrive in technology services, a field that is dynamic and requires leveraging our adaptability, ingenuity, and teamwork.

We aim to foster a purpose-filled community that extends beyond our DGIT family to the entire UCLA Health Sciences. With excellence always top of mind, our greatest priority is delivering first-class service in every technological solution we provide in support of teaching, learning, research, administration, and healthcare. 


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Accounts & Access

Accounts & Access

Account, access, and authority systems and services protect UCLA’s information resources. Services in this category include multi-factor authentication (MFA), email security, Mednet ID creation, and more. 

Audiovisual (AV)

Audiovisual (AV) Services 

We handle a range of audio and video needs, including support for lectures and presentations, media production, and more.

Device & Computing Support

Device & User Support

DGIT is here to answer your questions and help you troubleshoot or report issues you may be experiencing with a device or program. We also provide workplace hardware recommendations and purchasing support.

Educational Technology

Educational Technology

In addition to delivering technologies that foster high-quality educational experiences, DGIT manages educational data across both the undergraduate and graduate medical education continuum.

Enterprise Data

Enterprise Data

We define and securely integrate data into business applications to coordinate sourcing, modeling, management, and storage of data across UCLA Health Sciences schools for consistent data assets and effective, trustworthy reporting.

Information Security

Information Security

We ensure UCLA Health Sciences schools’ information technology infrastructure is secure and efficient at every touchpoint, including networks, desktops, mobile devices, cloud services, servers, and other related resources.

Storage & Servers


DGIT oversees UCLA Health Sciences schools’ hardware, software, networks, datacenters, and facilities to support all DGIT services and provide you with enterprise-level datacenter technologies.

Productivity & Collaboration

Productivity & Collaboration

To enhance collaboration, DGIT offers a variety of secure tools and resources to help you share work, exchange ideas, host conferences, and more.


Network & Connectivity

We connect people and networks to provide seamless and effective communication by managing connectivity and network security for a healthy, stable networking environment throughout UCLA Health Sciences schools.

Software Development

Software Development

DGIT’s Software Development Team, also called the Computing Technologies Research Lab (CTRL), develops software that is specific to the requirements of an organization or community, addressing the group’s needs and efficiencies.

Research Enablement Services

Research Enablement

DGIT's Research Enablement Initiative brings together the UCLA Health IT teams to better understand researcher IT needs and to develop solutions that enhance research while minimizing disruptions and obstacles.